Business / Contracts

Our firm provides advice and services in matters involving:

  • Formation of corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and LLCs
  • Drafting of corporate bylaws, governance agreements and meeting procedures

We have experience in drafting and negotiating all types of business contracts and equine contracts.

The type of entity (LLC, PC etc.) that you decide to form your business as will determine what rights and obligations will be imposed upon your business and you as the owner.  Various types of agreements may need to be drafted including employment, confidentiality, or stock purchase agreements. When you are negotiating a contract, it is important to not get hung up on issues that may not matter in the long run. While there are certain types of provisions that sound good, they are not critical to the agreement and should not distract you from your main goals.

At The Hall Law Office, LLC, we focus on the important issues when drafting and negotiating a contract. To do this, we work with the client to figure out your vision for the business and strategies that support the overall goals of the business. Then we create a contract designed to achieve these goals and protect your rights and interests. All contracts and other legal documents are drafted with the intention of avoiding litigation.  Many claims will settle out of court, but there is never a guarantee.

You and your business are unique. Focusing on your businesses distinctive needs allows us to hand craft every business agreement and contract.